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Wishing and hoping or planning?

Sick of putting posts out there and just wishing and hoping?

Here’s 😷 how to DIY a basic social media health check ...

👁 Recognisability.

Is your branding consistent across every touch point your clients will see and interact with you? With consistent colours, fonts, logos, tone of voice, your audience will recognise your business instantly.

👵🏻 Audience.

Where are my target audience and am I using that medium to reach them where they are? Do your research, ask friends and family which social media platforms they use.

🙋🏽‍♂️ Bio.

Create it with someone who knows nothing about your business in mind. Make it engaging, casual and most of all, describe what they can expect from following you. Emojis are a bonus 💯

Is it up-to-date with all your current business details?

▶️ Content.

Track your post’s insight statistics. Take note of what kind of posts get the most engagement or clicks, then make more of these type of posts and less of what doesn’t get the best results.

🕰 When?

Posting more than once a day on Facebook can trigger the algorithm to hide your posts. It’s

Important to post regularly enough so that people don’t forget you but not too often that you’re annoying your followers.

👌 Optimised?

Each social media platform has a different requirements for cropping of images, video, text and tags, so it’s important to readjust your content to maximise for each one.

🎤 Engagement.

Don't forget to keep in touch with your followers and reply to all comments and messages. Just like in a bricks and mortar business, customer service is super important.

Still struggling? If you need me to take a more in depth look, DM me!


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