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Why 'sell-sell-sell' is outdated.

Old school marketing techniques like 'sell-sell-sell' or 'ABC - always be closing' just don't work on social media.

People are savvy now, and if you do this, you're not meeting your market when THEY are ready to buy. Continuing on with these strategies is likely to just annoy your audience or at the very least, give them a feeling of fatigue when they see your content.

🔥 Social media is just that, designed to be 'social'. Think of it like a dinner party or a BBQ ...

Imagine you're standing there, trying to relax and have a drink, who would you want to talk to? 😀 Would you be drawn to someone interesting and entertaining, who has great stories? 😵 Or someone who's preachy and pushy, ramming the features and benefits of their product down your throat?

Social media is no different.

Engaging stories and helpful or interesting content will always win out, suit your audience better and attract more engagement.

So before you post, use the BBQ test!


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